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open quoteKaren and Shelley have a wealth of knowledge. Their approach to offering alternative methods of teaching an exercise is refreshing. They are always mindful of safety, modifications and how to find connections within the body. They both are open to offering time and expertise to students in training. I am loving my time at Pilates Unlimited in Dallas.close quote
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Why choose Balanced Body Education?
arms overheadBalanced Body Education is the education arm of Balanced Body, Inc., the world’s largest producer of Pilates equipment. For over thirty years, Balanced Body has been the leader in innovating and expanding the Pilates market by providing the highest quality Pilates equipment to over 100 countries. Balanced Body Education continues this tradition with innovative Pilates Education through our worldwide network of master instructors.

Why choose Pilates Unlimited?
Karen Sanzo, Shelley Estes, and Erin Burnam, Balanced Body Education instructors at Pilates Unlimited, are skilled at guiding teachers to realize their full potential. Pilates Unlimited has been a leader for over 15 years in Pilates teacher training, implementing various teaching techniques while keeping safety first.  Since 2000, Pilates Unlimited has worked to bridge the gap between health care and educated exercise, training both physical therapists and fitness educators. Karen and Shelley present at Balanced Body Education conferences and teach at Balanced Body Education workshops across the nation.

About the Training Program
Consisting of over 100 contact hours, this Full Teacher Training Program covers in-depth Pilates Fundamentals, Anatomy, and Biomechanical Considerations for Pilates Exercise, Key Postural Connections, and Effective Teaching Techniques. Traditional exercises utilizing the full suite of Pilates Equipment will be covered with special emphasis on spinal mechanics. Our curriculum includes the traditional Pilates Mat, Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, and Barrels repertoire as well as modifications  and additional exercises designed to make teaching Pilates safe, effective, and fun.  Our curriculum is straightforward and  consistent with the current Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) guidelines.


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