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open quoteWhy Pilates Unlimited? The equipment is fabulous, and the instruction peerless.close quote
Ted P.

open quotesAs a long time practitioner of Iyengar yoga, I am surprised at how much I benefit from Pilates. After a Pilates class I feel taller and stand straighter with an emphasis on core strength. Pilates is the perfect compliment to my yoga practice.close quote
Kathryn Y.

open quotesMarilyn’s instruction and knowledge are exceptional. She takes the time to instruct each student making certain that everyone in the class understands the correct move. Marilyn also coaches during the entire class and provides terminology and examples of each area that is being worked and the proper way of doing so. Classes are informational, instructive, and personal and I thoroughly enjoy the time with Marilyn. She is encouraging, fun and motivational.close quote
Charlotte M.

open quotesLittle movements can burn so much! close quote
Liana Y.
stated after attending a mat class at Pilates Unlimited

Mat and Equipment Classes
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About Group Classes
Pilates Unlimited offers group instruction in the Pilates mat exercises and in using the full range of Pilates equipment.

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Where Do I Begin?
anita and erinThe basics of all Pilates exercises are introduced in the mat fundamentals. A solid understanding of these fundamentals will facilitate your progress and learning in both mat and equipment exercises. This is why we suggest starting in a basic mat class.

Understand that basic doesn't necessarily mean easy. In fact, many seasoned practioners attend a basic class every now and then to refresh their knowledge and re-apply these concepts in a more advanced class or on the equipment.

If you would like to start with the equipment, the Beginner Equipment Series is recommended. These series allow you to explore the Pilates equipment slowly while learning the basics of safety and spring tensions.

If you desire personal, one-on-one attention, we suggest a few private lessons. This enables the teacher to tailor the hour to fit your needs. For instance, if you are recovering from surgery, have any back, neck or spinal issues, or other physical concerns that need attention, a private is the best place to start. Group equipment classes are not conducive to addressing major individual issues.

Our teachers are all certified instructors, with varied backgrounds, able to meet your needs and make modifications that make the exercises just right for you. If an exercise is painful, it shouldn't be done, but if the exercise is just hard, that tells you that you have room for improvement and you will improve over time.

Most clients combine mat or equipment classes with a private or duet session each week.
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Mat Classes
mat class Mat classes are an excellent way to begin learning Pilates principles or to supplement group or private instruction on the equipment. You can choose from three levels of mat instruction:

  • The Very Beginner—A true beginner’s class designed to establish good fundamental skills. Ideal for those new to the Pilates Method who want to learn the basic technique. Gain insight into what the core is, (more than just the “abs”) and how it works. Discover why Pilates will enhance every other workout you do including yoga, weights, and sports. If no first timers are present, the class will progress at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Beg/Int—This class can be for someone new to Pilates who already has some experience with exercise or for an individual who wants a good, clean workout regardless of their level. This class will progress over time, teaching new exercises and modifications. The teacher might use props such as weights, blankets, balls, bands, and circles. This a faster paced class than The Very Beginner class, but it is not rushed. The instructor will often review some fundamental skills.
  • Mixed Level Class—This class offers multi-level exercises, incorporating challenging moves. Patterns of movement are repeated, helping you become aware of how Pilates exercises and principals carry over into activities outside of the studio. Standing balances, dynamic movements and challenging sequences are a regular part of this workout. Spinal movements take on a new meaning. You can look forward to plank, side plank, and forearm planks in this class.

Frequently, props such as the Magic Circle, Theraband, foam roller, yoga blocks, and blankets are used to provide support and to challenge the body during mat exercises.

Check the schedule for mat class days and times. All mat classes are offered on a drop-in basis; no advance sign-up is required. Classes are 45 minutes long.

Mat Class Fees:
Individual class: $20.00, check or cash at the studio
Package: 8 for $132 / 16 for $240. Purchase online or by cash or check at the studio.
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Equipment Classes
parakeet Mixed equipment classes may use the full suite of Pilates equipment or focus on one piece. These classes assume you have attended The Beginner Equipment Series, or have taken private lessons to cover the content contained in the Beginner I and Beginner II classes. Pilates Equipment classes explore the core from every angle. The spine’s stability and mobility are fully challenged and fully engaged throughout the entire repertoire of equipment exercises. The body will experience movements through several planes, and functional movements will also be introduced. Expect to sweat and increase your heart rate once you have learned and become proficient in the basics. It takes time, but it is well worth the effort.

Reformer only equipment classes will focus on the Universal Reformer only and will progress through Basic and Intermediate Level exercises, adding advancements and modifications according to class participants' skill level. Your body will like the support and challenge offered by the Reformer. Your leg and hip musculature will begin to loosen up and you will discover how releasing tight hips can actually relieve back stiffness and pain. This class is not designed for the beginning student. Limited to 6.

A beginner Reformer only series is offered periodically. This class is designed for anyone new to Pilates or interested in learning the Reformer. Check the schedule or call the studio to learn when the next beginner Reformer series is scheduled.

Jumpboard on the Reformer
Invigorate your whole body with jumping on the Reformer. Core and upper body activities while you jump create a whole body aerobic workout. Changing jumping patterns exercise your brain too! At 30 minutes, it's a great class on its own. Or take it before or after a mat or equipment class for a complete Pilates workout.

Policies and fees for on-going equipment classes:
Check the schedule for equipment class days and times. Registration is for the same class day and time for one month. No mixing of days/packages.
4/5 consecutive weekly classes—$120/$150/month.  Purchase online.
Call ahead to register for the equipment classes. Payment reserves space.
No class carry over month to month. No sharing of classes. Left over classes have no cash value.
Make up in other classes if space is available.

If you can ONLY make 3, please state the dates. $99.00/3 classes
Drop in is $35.00 per class, if space is available. It's best to call ahead.
Cash or check only for 3 or fewer classes in one month.

30 minute classes (Jumpboard, TRX, etc.) prices:
$20/class for 4 or more or $23/class for 3 30 min classes in the same month.
$25/class for drop-in.
Space is limited so advanced sign up is required.

You must understand equipment safety and set up.  You can gain this knowledge from the Beginner Equipment Series or from private sessions.

Please call if you know you will miss a class that you have previously signed up for;  it might allow someone else to attend.

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TRX Suspension Training system®
The TRX Suspension Training system uses bodyweight and plays with gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. The instructor will vary the number of repetitions depending on whether they choose to work on strength, definition of muscle, muscular endurance and joint range of motion.

TRX classes are 30 minutes long. Check the schedule for class times. Space is limited, so advanced registration is necessary.

The cost for 4 TRX classes in a month is $80 ($20/class). If you can only take 3 classes in a month the cost is $69. Drop-in TRX classes are $25/class. Space is limited; you must register in advance.

Teacher Training and Certification Classes
Karen teachingBecome a certified Pilates instructor through Pilates Unlimited and Balanced Body University. Mat and full equipment certification options are available. Visit our Teacher Training page to find out more.



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