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open quoteOh my gosh! I just finished a 1-hour private lesson with Karen Sanzo, and I am dripping wet from head to toe. I had to ask her for a towel to wipe my face. Believe me, Pilates can provide a cardio workout. I am a North Dallas mom that walked a lifetime in pelvic tilt. One weekend in February 2006 I sent my lower back into spasms. After lifting cases of Girl Scout cookies, flying to surprise my mom for her 75th birthday party, then onto visit my son in college my lower back screamed enough. My pain level was a 10 when I tried to walk. After a month of doctor visits, x-rays, steroids, and back injections I ended up in physical therapy. By luck and the grace of God my therapist was also a Pilates instructor. After two months of physical therapy I was well enough to begin Pilates to strengthen my core to prevent this kind of back injury again. In the beginning, I was only able to do the leg lifts of the “dead bug” and bridges during the one lesson a week. Between classes, I practiced Pilates at home. As my core became stronger, I moved to the reformer and other pieces of Pilates equipment with two lessons a week. I credit my first Pilates instructor, Tracy, with keeping me pain free and no longer in need of back doctors, pain pills and injections. While working out with Tracy, I discovered her Pilates certification instructor Karen Sanzo. Tracy sold me a video, which Karen had made, so I could advance my workouts at home. When Tracy’s work plans changed, I needed to find another Pilates instructor. My duet partner called Pilates Unlimited and so began my work with Karen. Since starting to work 2 times a week in a duet class with Karen, I have grown even stronger. Today I am able to play golf, walk on a natural runner machine, and take Zoomba/NIA classes at my health club. I am so happy that I am able to move fast enough to break a sweat. Becoming back-pain free through Pilates has been a journey that I will continue the rest of my life to remain pain free. Practicing Pilates is my life passion. It was and remains my source to wellness. I carry Pilates Unlimited business cards with me so I can share my source of back wellness with people I meet. Today in my 50’s I practice Pilates daily and enjoy a pain-free, active life with my college age kids and husband. I attribute my back wellness to Pilates. Call me sometime, I would love to do a class with you. close quote
Cindy C.
DVDs, CDs, Manuals

Maybe you're just getting started with Pilates and want an award-winning DVD for home practice. Perhaps you're an instructor-in-training who needs to learn the nuances of the mat and Reformer execises. Whatever your Pilates experience level, Pilates Unlimited has DVDs, CDs and manuals just for you.

Read the description below and then click the link to go to the purchase page. Media purchases will be shipped to the addess you provide or can be picked up at the studio.


Getting Started: 2 Disc DVD Set

Getting Started DVDVoted Best Beginner DVD by Pilates Style Magazine
This workout will change the way you exercise! Beginning with the all-important setup for each exercise, the DVD breaks down the movements into their basic components. Emphasizing purpose, technique and flow, this is the essential foundation for all Pilates work. Including a complete Pilates for All Bodies Fundamental Workout

$29.95 purchase

Reformer Basics DVD

Using the same clarity you have come to expect from Pilates Unlimited, this DVD begins with the all-important setup for each Reformer exercise, breaking down the movements into their basic components. Emphasizing purpose, technique and flow, this is the essential foundation for all Pilates Reformer work. The DVD also includes a flowing Basic Reformer Workout

$19.95 purchase

Focus on Fundamentals DVD

Fundamentals DVDAn expanded version of the Key Fundamentals in the Getting Started 2-dvd set. As a clinician, this DVD will help your patients learn the nuances of basic therapeutic exercises prior to beginning a more complex Pilates Program. This DVD includes a complete Fundamental Workout

$19.95 purchase

The next best thing to a private lesson from a gifted trainer whose step-by-step instruction and encouragement will deepen and intensify your Pilates routine.

Pilates More Than Exercise! ® Audio CD #1

audio cd 1This CD walks you through a Pilates fundamentals,  beginner, intermediate, and advanced level workout.  This professional recording, includes a photographic record of each exercise.

$16.00 purchase

The Mindful Mat Audio CD #2

audio cd 2This advanced workout, with its unique meditative approach, leads you to a heightened awareness of your body as you learn to focus your mind.  The special bonus track will inspire you to carry over the principles of Pilates in your daily activities.

$16.00 purchase

Mat and Reformer Manuals
Professional quality photographs with clear, instruction on fundamental setup, movement and transitions.

The Mat Manual

mat manualTraditional Pilates exercises, including transitions. Will benefit all levels; the beginner, the seasoned Pilates enthusiasts and Pilates instructors.

$34.95 purchase

The Reformer Manual

reformer manual32 Level I & II exercises, one per page with clear instruction and guidance on breathing, spring level, repetitions and transitions.

$34.95 purchase

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