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open quoteI started taking classes at Pilates Unlimited a year before I elected to have major back surgery to correct scoliosis. Postsurgery, all my doctors, physical therapists and occupational therapists asked me what exercise routine I had been practicing before surgery because I was so strong and was hitting recovery milestones ahead of what they expected for a 57-year-old. When I was released from in-home physical therapy they were delighted to send me back to physical therapy at the Pilates Unlimited studio, where as I've regained strength and become accustomed to my new body, I've also had a chance to reacclimate to the equipment and prepare myself to join classes again this month, only four months after surgery. Pilates Unlimited has really helped me mentally and physically get through a life-changing experience!close quote
Patty S.
Meet the Instructors

Pilates for Buff Bones® licensed instructors: Karen, Marilyn

Karen Sanzo, MS, PT
PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher
Pilates for Buff Bones® licensed instructor

KarenPilates instructor, teacher trainer, and physical therapist, Karen Sanzo is internationally recognized for her innovative approaches to the Pilates method. Her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and years of experience as a master teacher have shaped wellness programs across the nation.

Karen conducts Pilates certification workshops all over the U.S., teaching teachers how to demystify Pilates, making it accessible to everyone. Her highly effective method of working with beginners, communicating with precision, and demonstrating the fundamentals of movement are invaluable lessons for every Pilates instructor. She is also a trained and licensed Pilates for Buff Bones® instructor.

Karen also shares her unique approach to Pilates in manuals, CDs, and DVDs for professionals and the public. Her award-winning instructional DVD, Pilates for All Bodies: Getting Started is a two-DVD set that explains and demonstrates the basic exercises, then presents a thirty-minute mat class conducted by Karen. Awarded “Best Beginners DVD” by Pilates Style magazine in the January/February 2008 issue, it was touted in their review as “perfect for those just starting out, with a clear, in-depth tutorial on principles, moves and beginner modifications.”

Shelley Estes, BSE, Fitness Professional
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

shelleyShelley Estes, a native of Dallas, Texas, has combined her love of dance, Pilates, teaching and her commitment to fitness and wellness throughout her life as a vocation and avocation. After graduating from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Dance, Shelley has spent the last 25 years as a fitness professional, Pilates Instructor, professional dancer, gymnastics coach and teacher.

Shelley’s involvement with the Pilates System began in 2000 with Colleen Glenn and Karen Sanzo. Today she is a Teacher Trainer with Pilates Unlimited and a member of the Balanced Body University Faculty, training Pilates instructors. Shelley has spent the last 4 years teaching Pilates to the dance majors at Southern Methodist University as an adjunct lecturer, and also enjoys teaching Pilates to the Highland Park HS Girls Golf team each year. Shelley has been a specialty week presenter at Rancho La Puerta Spa in Pilates since 2004, and a co-presenter with Larry Lane for the popular Broadway Week.

The Pilates philosophy teaches whole body health, and through Shelley’s knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics , and wellness, she will empower you to empower yourself with “zest and pleasure”.

Erin Burnam
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

erin burnhamErin graduated from TCU with a degree in Communications.  She began her Pilates training in 1991by earning a mat teaching certification at the Oasis Mind/Body Conditioning Center.  Since then Erin has gone on to complete her full certification on all Pilates apparatus with Pilates Unlimited and is certified by the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

She creates programs and lessons using Pilates principles to integrate a challenging physical workout with balanced core and muscle systems.  Each of these programs is client specific.

Erin believes Pilates leads to a stronger body and healthier posture that improves one's quality of life outside the studio.  She currently teaches private sessions as well as group equipment classes on Pilates apparatus.

Marilyn Forest-Dott
PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

Pilates for Buff Bones® licensed instructor

marilyn forest-dott Marilyn began taking ballet lessons as a child and continued her studies as a dance major at the University of Arkansas. Her dancing was sidelined when a health problem caused severe pain from the simplest activity, even a short walk around the block. Forced to be nearly sedentary, Marilyn refocused her life and developed her creative talents in multimedia, web and e-learning.

Well over ten years passed before Marilyn’s painful health problem was resolved. During that time her body had changed considerably. She found it challenging to begin exercising again – trying to rebuild both strength and stamina. She was introduced to Pilates by Karen Sanzo, whom she saw for physical therapy. Marilyn’s Pilates practice progressed from those initial therapy sessions to group mat classes and eventually equipment sessions. She learned that the principles of Pilates complemented her years of dance training, providing a deeper understanding of posture and movement.

After practicing Pilates for several years and realizing the immense benefit it can offer every body, in virtually any condition, Marilyn began studying to become a Pilates instructor. She is now certified to teach the Pilates method using the full array of Pilates equipment and is a Certified Pilates Teacher through the Pilates Method Alliance. She is also a trained and licensed Pilates for Buff Bones® instructor. It is with a deep sense of fulfillment that Marilyn helps others discover for themselves a sense of well-being and vitality through Pilates.

Joan Wilkinson
joan wilkinson Prior to Pilates, Joan taught a variety of fitness classes ranging from Biomechanics of Weight Training to Senior Fitness.  When a back injury put teaching and training on hold, Joan was introduced to Karen Sanzo and Pilates.  Working with Karen, Joan experienced first hand the healing aspects of Pilates.  Eager to share the advantages of Pilates with her clients, Joan received Pilates Mat certification from Pilates Unlimited and Comprehensive Pilates certification with Balanced Body. 

Given Joan’s diverse background, she is able to incorporate various perspectives into her unique style of teaching.  Drawing on her multi-disciplined training style, she strives to enable her clients to achieve their greatest benefits.   In addition to teaching Pilates mat, Joan conducts private training sessions and teaches barbell training, aquatics and senior fitness classes.

More than simply stretching and strengthening the body, Pilates encourages awareness of the spine, core strength and flexibility.  As strengths and weaknesses are addressed, the result is a more balanced and fit individual. 

Lori G. Huffstutler
joan wilkinsonLori Huffstutler is a native of Dallas, Texas and graduated from Greenhill School. After graduating from Goucher College, she returned to Dallas to perform with the Dallas Ballet. Lori has also danced with ballets in several other cities, including performing in Phantom of the Opera in San Francisco. She also worked as a Pilates Instructor at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

Ron Fletcher was Lori’s first introduction to the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, and she went on to become certified through the Institute for the Pilates Method. Lori completed her Teacher Certification in 2007 with Karen Sanzo, and taught at Goodbody’s Fitness Center until December of 2010. Lori is now happy to be an instructor at Pilates Unlimited.

Melanie Garlinger
AnitaMelanie Garlinger studied dance at Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas where she took her first Pilates mat class in 1995. After performing in Portland, Oregon for four years she finished her BA in Dance in 2002. While working on her degree, Melanie learned to truly appreciate the human body through biomechanics and kinesiology classes. It was during her last year in college that Melanie decided to become a certified Pilates Instructor being taught by Colleen Glenn and Karen Sanzo. Teaching Pilates, modern dance and color guard in the Dallas area since then, Melanie is very excited to now be teaching at Pilates Unlimited.

Haylee Barganier

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