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open quoteKaren Sanzo brings clarity and order to very complex topics...and she has such enthusiasm that it sparks that same passion in her audience.close quote
Deborah Pyne, D.O.

open quoteKaren is the consummate teacher. I'm always impressed with her communication skills and her ability to present any level of material, keeping it alive, fresh and relevant. I think Karen Sanzo is the best instructor and I am so thankful she is a presenter for Balanced Body; she is the reason I chose Balanced Body. close quote
A Student

open quoteKaren is outstanding in all aspects. She showed us the verbal, tactile, visual way to teach. In this profession we are challenged in all those areas. Highly recommend Karen for creating the passion for the quality of teaching Pilates. Will continue studying with Karen. I can't thank Karen enough for sharing her passion.close quote
A Student
Teacher Training and Certification

Mat Training bullet Equipment Training bullet Host a Teacher Training Workshop

Pilates Unlimited offers mat and full equipment teacher training and certification through Balanced Body Education

Mat Training

karen teaching 100sTo successfully complete the Pilates mat training course, students should be able to show the following, prior to training:

  • A minimum of 30-40 hours participation in group
    mat classes, private mat instruction or workshops
  • Ability to recognize exercises by name and
    adequately perform up to an intermediate level
  • Willingness to question old perceptions
  • Basic Anatomy: Origin and insertion of major
    muscle groups, planes of movement, abdominal
    layers and function

It is highly recommended you purchase, or view from a colleague, Focus on Fundamentals DVD prior to attending this workshop.
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Equipment Training

teacher training Reformer
Pilates Reformer is a flexible piece of equipment allowing resistance and/or support for exercises involving every part of the body. The program provides you with a thorough understanding of how to use the Reformer from set up to execution. You will learn how to develop and enhance core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, coordination, and balance. The wide range of exercises provides a stimulating and fun workout for clients at any level of ability. The more exercises you have experienced through your own lessons and practice the more you will be able to improve your teaching in order to facilitate the growth and development of others.

Apparatus Training: Cadillac, Tower, Chair, and Barrels
Training on the auxiliary pieces of equipment round out the full Pilates experience. Each piece adds an extra dimension to private or group lessons. Exercises advance and progress addressing the full range of spinal motion in all planes of movement. Constant attention to cueing, coaching and safety are paramount. Modifications are taught, experienced and practiced in order to promote optimal form where the client feels increased length and enhanced movement potential.

It is highly recommended that you complete the Mat certificate before beginning the equipment training.
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