Specialty Classes 30 Min

Each Specialty Class is $20 per session.

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Reformer Jumpboard

Invigorate your whole body with jumping on the Reformer. Core and upper body activities while you jump create a whole body aerobic session.  Changing jumping patterns exercises your brain, too!  At 30 minutes, it’s a great class on its own.  Or take it before an equipment class for a complete Pilates workout. (limited to 8 per class)

Pilates Unlimited HIIT

The high-intensity interval training technique combines bursts of quick, intense exercises with short, active recovery periods. This class keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time!

Low Bone Mass/Osteoporosis/Balance Class

A great class, incorporating various exercises that are safe for those with low bone mass.  The feet, spine, hips, shoulders and pelvis will all be addressed in this class. Teachers will educate you with regards to safe lifting techniques and breathing exercises, too.