Karen Sanzo MS, PT, PMA

Founded by Karen Sanzo in 2000, Pilates Unlimited is a full-service Pilates studio in Dallas, Texas. As an instructor, teacher trainer, and physical therapist, Karen brings 30 years of wisdom and experience to bear on the programs she has created at Pilates Unlimited. Nationally recognized for her innovative approaches to the Pilates method, Karen’s comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics and years of experience as a master teacher have shaped wellness programs across the nation.

Karen passionately promotes Pilates as an ideal exercise system for all bodies. That’s why group classes build slowly on the fundamentals,  and any chance of injury is reduced.

The Studio

Pilates Unlimited is a place where you can learn how to move safely through a sequence of exercises while minimizing injury and maximizing your movement potential.

The focus on fundamental movement patterning is the key to any successful exercise program. Pilates mat and equipment exercises promote spinal health and alignment, improve functional core strength (and awareness) and can improve flexibility.

Working out at Pilates Unlimited is fun, engaging, and serious all at the same time. Our studio works to meet your body where it is on any given day. Pilates can transform you on every level—from how you go about your daily activities to the new heights you reach in your athletic performance.

Pilates Unlimited is the only full-service Pilates studio in Dallas’ Lakewood neighborhood. Group classes and individual training are offered for mat and equipment.