Mat Classes

Mat classes are an excellent way to begin learning Pilates fundamental movement patterns or to supplement group and private instruction. All mat classes are offered on a drop-in basis; no advance sign-up is required. Classes are 50 minutes long.

1 class         $20.00
8 classes    $145.00
16 classes  $275.00

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A true beginner’s class designed to establish good fundamental skills. Ideal for those new to the Pilates Method who want to learn the basic technique. Gain insight into what the core is, (more than just the “abs”) and how it works. Discover why Pilates will enhance every other workout you do including yoga, weights, and sports. If no first timers are present, the class will progress at the teacher’s discretion.

Mixed Level

This class can be for someone new to Pilates who already has experience with exercise or for an individual who wants a good, clean workout regardless of their level.  This class may progress over time, teaching new exercises, modifications, and progressions.   Patterns of movement are repeated, helping you become aware of how Pilates exercises and their fundamental patterns carry over into activities outside of the studio. This is a faster paced class than The Very Beginner, but it is not rushed.  All instructors are skilled and have a delightful way of reviewing fundamentals during exercise progressions.

Intermediate / Advanced

This class assumes you are familiar with Pilates exercises, either through private sessions or other Mat classes. Your body anticipates the movements of the spine and wants to be further coaxed and guided through more advanced movements.  This is a faster paced class.  If an exercise is too difficult, wait it out and pick it up with the next movement.  The teachers are very helpful and motivating throughout the entire class. Standing balances, dynamic movements and challenging sequences are a regular part of this workout. Spinal movements take on a new meaning. You can look forward to plank, side plank, and forearm planks in this class.