Equipment Classes

1 Class 35
5 Classes 175
10 Classes 350

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Mixed equipment classes

55 minutes
These classes assume you have taken personal training sessions and have become familiar with Pilates fundamentals and the use of the equipment. Pilates Equipment classes explore the core from every angle and may use the full suite of Pilates equipment or focus on one piece. The spine’s stability and mobility are fully challenged and fully engaged throughout the entire repertoire of equipment exercises. The body will experience movements through several planes, and functional movements will also be introduced. Expect to sweat and increase your heart rate once you have learned and become proficient in the basics. It takes time, but it is well worth the effort. (limited to 8-12)


Reformer only classes

55 minutes
Will focus on the Universal Reformer and will progress through Basic and Intermediate Level exercises, adding advancements and modifications according to class participants’ skill level. Your body will like the support and challenge offered by the Reformer. Your leg and hip musculature will begin to loosen up and you will discover how releasing tight hips can actually relieve back stiffness and pain. This class is not designed for the beginning student. Limited to 8.


Beginner Equipment

55 minutes
This class is designed for anyone new to Pilates or interested in learning the Pilates equipment. Clients have also taken this class as a refresher and it is always great to revisit the fundamentals on all the equipment. This class is also recommended if you want to join other classes. We will rotate through the Reformer, Tower, Chair and Barrel.