How To Help Pilates Unlimited Stay Clean

  • Remove shoes upon entering and put your socks on
  • Do not wear shoes into the bathroom
  • Go directly to bathroom and wash hands
  • Please keep lid to toilet down
  • Bring your own mat if you’d like
  • Clean up afterwards.
  • Return to bathroom and wash hands prior to leaving studio
  • Put your shoes on prior to leaving

Our Best Practices at Pilates Unlimited For You

  • Clean and disinfected items
  • Packages never expire
  • We support you if you choose to stay home
  • We support you if you choose to come in.
  • Please keep up to date with your instructor, the message on the phone, and the web site will have information this week.
  • Social spacing; smaller, spread out classes.
  • A day by day check in with governmental regulations
  • Mayor supposed to make another statement tomorrow.