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WE WANT YOU TO BE SAFE! When DISD is closed due to weather, Pilates Unlimited will be closed too.
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open quotes Pilates is THE perfect exercise for me—efficient, effective and energizing. The staff at Pilates Unlimited are experts and exceptional in every way!close quote
Robin N.
Tom McCookAdvanced Movement Integrity Training Series for Pilates Teachers with Tom McCook

February 17—18, 2018

Workshop Details and Schedule
Space is limited

Day 1: The Franklin Method and Pilates: The Pelvis, Legs and Lower Spine

Day: 2 : The Franklin Method and Pilates: The Thoracic Spine, Shoulder Girdle and Neck

Each session will include:

  • An interactive Franklin Method lesson on the bone rhythms and muscle/facial systems with direct application to relevant exercises in the Pilates environment
  • Exercises for tension release, improved posture, movement efficiency, conditioning, along with exercises and assessments to improve the gait cycle.
  • Muscle activation exercises
  • Hands-on skills and effective cuing
  • Practice time and feedback
  • Mobility and corrective exercises
  • Resistance Stretching
  • Breathing and concentration exercises
  • Learn how to improve the use of imagery in your teaching and movement practice
  • Skillful progressions on the Mat, Reformer, Wall Unit and Chair

Register online, by mail, or by calling Pilates Unlimited214.553.8771

Pilates for All Bodies®
Pilates takes your body back in time. Remember when you were a kid and all of life was a playground? You ran, climbed, hopped, skipped, jumped, and swung your way through the day. Pilates enables you to rediscover that body by reawakening hibernating muscles, realigning posture, and retraining the breath. No matter what size or shape you are, at Pilates Unlimited, we teach you the art of moving through your days like a kid—with a passionate zest for all that life has to offer.
Pilates Unlimited is the home of Pilates for All Bodies®, where we believe that whatever your size, shape, age, or sex you can discover your unlimited potential through the practice of Pilates. Our studio offers a friendly and encouraging environment where you can experience new vitality by participating in mat classes, equipment classes, and personal training.
Experience Karen Sanzo's online video classes
Karen teaching parakeet

Since her debut class with Pilates Anytme in 2012, Karen Sanzo has quickly become a favorite instructor for her precise and articulate cueing and direction. Many classes taught by Karen are now available, with more coming in the future.

Now you can earn PMA CEUs studying with Karen at Pilates Anytime!

View a listing of Karen's videos. Free 30 day trial subscription available.

Addressing Spinal Forces on the Cadillac
Online course taught by Karen Sanzo
This workshop presented by Karen Sanzo, MSPT will demonstrate how the Cadillac or Tower System can both facilitate and challenge spinal movements. With a deep understanding of the longitudinal system of the spine and its supporting structures, this workshop and workout will allow you the opportunity to see and experience the many forces that challenge the spine throughout daily activities. An experienced teacher understands the purpose and function of movement patterns, how to program these movements on the Cadillac, and how they relate to daily life. This workshop will help you create a program that incorporates mobility, stability, flexibility, core strength, balance, and coordination. We will examine new ways to use the equipment, while recognizing and respecting the biomechanical fundamentals. Register at PHI University.

Take it to the Wall
Online course taught by Karen Sanzo
Pilates Wall Work online video workshop. Everyone can benefit from Wall Work. If you are a Pilates instructor, you can take the workshop and earn PMA continuing education credits. Or if you want to practice more on your own, take the workshop and learn new concepts and exercises. There is a fee for the course. Register at PHI University.

We're growing!!!
Construction has started on our expanded studio. New equipment and classes coming soon! For now, classes and sessions as usual.
New time for Monday Beginner mat class!
Mondays at 7 pm beginning February 5.
Franklin Method workshop with Tom McCook
Hurry!! February 17-18
Workshop details and registration information
February schedule
Sign up for your equipment and jumpboard classes now!
For Beginners in February
Beginner Mat class
 Mondays 7 pm
For the very beginner
Drop-in, no signup needed Private, Duet and group sessions to meet your schedule.
Dont miss!!
Reformer Jumpboard
30 min aerobic
 Wed.. 6:00—6:30 pm
*Advance signup required, space is limited
New Client Special
2 privates + 4 mat classes
4 privates $315
Balanced Body Teacher Training

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